R134 conversion from R12
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    R134 conversion from R12

    Hi all,

    Has anyone had a conversion from the old R12 gas to the new more ozone friendly R134 gas done on their beloved car?

    If so;

    How much?
    Is it really cool?
    Any problems with it so far?

    I am running a Sanden SD709 compressor in my R25, and it has the old R12 and was regassed last year and now this year you wouldn't know it!!

    Any ideas, help info would be much appreciated


    Cheers - Luke

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    These days there is no real reason that you have to convert to R-134a. There is a gas that "goes over" R-12; in other woeds, it's compatible with it & I understand that it's closer to the same operating specs of R-12 than R134a and far cheaper to use & convert to.
    R-134a apart from its carconagenic properties also runs at far greater head pressures than R-12 did and hence can tend to become harsher on your engine. I have also noticed with 134a systems that there is a tendency to overfreeze thereby making the temperatures erratic.
    The "other" gas is MP52 which those who believe the propoganda of multi national companies and "over the top" tree huggers would have you believe is little better than R-12 on the environment. By the same token, there are those within the scientific community who have claimed that R-12 was less harmful than R-134a is. I am a fairly active Environmentalist, locally, and from experience and open minded investigations, I will be recharging mine with MP52 as I have always maintained as have many in the refrigeration industry that the move from the Freons had more to do with preventing damage to the profits and monopolies of ICI and Email corporation than it did with the long term Environmental damage it was supposed to prevent.

    Alan S
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