Taking the French Car (Bastille) Day out of the picture, it's now almost 12 months since we had our get together at Beerwah way, so I was wondering, is there any interest in something in the near future before the 30+ days become more common?
I always have the problem of where it all happens due to my geographical location which means that whatever happens Brisbane way, I look at 3 1/2 hours to get there hence anything south of there is out of the question. If it gets around Murwillumbah way, I'm looking at 5 hours there plus the run plus another 5 hours home which doesn't leave much time for sleeping out of the 24 and unfortunately my (animal) commitments at home mean I can't stay overnight.
As I thought & something that may be of interest, I was wondering if anyone was interested in doing a weekend run with a few different things thrown in for an aside?
I don't know how many apart from the Citroen owners are aware of Peter Huths Citroen collection at Gayndah? Bruce Hoad & Craig I know have seen it & it boasts a collection of some very rare & very well restored cars, including a DS Convertable (Decap) reputedly having been bought by Harold (where's the life guard) Holt's brother in about '74 which has 14,000 miles on the clock, a variety of AMis 2CVs and tractions in fact from memory I think Craig told me that he went there with the intention of spending "an hour or two" there & ended up spending most of the day instead.
If there are a number interested, I may be able to organise accommodation at a Caravan Park at a reasonable cost, where I occasionally do work & who has recently installed a number of self contained cabins if this is planned for say later in October when the Whale Watching season has ended & these guys are usually looking for tenants at this stage of the season. The park is close to licenced restaurants and a reasonably respectable pub that also does meals & if the worst comes to the worst also have cabins for rent. Regardless, I think a bulk accomodation deal is on the cards at that time of the year that could make it a reasonably fun weekend with a difference.
My thouyghts are possibly get here, night out, up next day, two hours drive to Gayndah, through the Car Museum & then back home; what do you think?

Any interest in this or any other suggestions??

Alan S