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    Howzat for service?

    Needed a set of plug leads for the 16V, in fact it was more a case of the insulators at the plug ends, so I contacted my local spark plug lead maker uperer who informed us that 2 ends would cost about $130. After advising hem to insert them in a place where the sun don't shine, I e-mailed Andyspares for a price & discovered I can buy 2 sets of Bougicord leads (same as originals) for less than the 2 ends from the local yokel, but "yeah mate; 'ow many weeksyagunna wait for them to arrive?"
    Well, I ordered 7pm last Tuesday night & at 7.30am following Monday, a car horn outside, went out & signed the book & hey presto, our two sets of new leads for about 1/3rd of the (trade) price of one set out here. deal
    Thought I'd pass this on as we often have people enquiring about prices & delivery times from over there.

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    Old thread but I got this via the feedback form today. It's relevant & I hope helpful even if it's really an advert

    Dear Sir,

    This is just to let your organisation know, that we noticed in your website forum that our brand name "Bougicord" has been mentioned a few times (in glowing terms).

    This e-mail is to let you know that Electricfil Automotive, Beynost, France the manufacturers of Bougicord ignition lead sets & coils for all the French vehicles are here in Australia. Electricfil Australia Pty Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of Electricfil Automotive. Locally we supply both OEM to Holden & Ford and for aftermarket to number of European specialist outlets.

    Is there any possibility of us having a link to our website on your site?

    Our website address is

    Kind regards,
    Stan Rusiniak
    General Manager
    Electricfil Australia Pty Ltd
    16 Lindaway Place
    Vic 3043

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