Not french, but what aboud'm
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    Not french, but what aboud'm

    What do people think of the seat Ibiza GTIs, are they any good, I know they have VW golf motors, how do they go handle etc. anyone driven one?

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    from what i have heard, they have a few little niggling electrical problems, but pretty strong engines. good handling, good build quality, and a fair bit of punch. if you can stretch the extra, go an ibiza cupra sport. 110kw, twin cam, a lot of people said it was kind of a 205gti of the late 90s.

    pick up the latest motor - the 'past blast' section is on the ibiza gtis


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    When they were launched here, they were applauded for their handling in particular.

    The standard Ibiza GTIs had the 2.0 8V 85kW VW engine that "stars" in the current Golf. A rather ordinary motor on its own, but in a light car like the Ibiza it worked pretty well. Although unspectacular, you can take comfort in the fact it's a very well tested VW engine.

    Aircon was one of the best in its class - the Spaniards would have a better idea than most Europeans about what hot is

    I haven't been in one for a while, but I saw one a few weeks ago and external plastic panels were faded.

    Much better than the 44kW 1.4 in the CLX

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    Anyone know anything about those Seat Cupra Sport or whatever they are? Do they have the same lame motor as the Gtis?
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    Have a look at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> for an Australian site dedicated to the Cupra. You'll find some useful links there too.

    We've had a Cordoba for several years. No significant problems , apart from a driveshaft seal.

    Its noisier than our 306 Xsi and it rides more like a Golf than a Peugeot. Wouldn't want to do a serious trip on a dirt road! No doubt the Cupra is firmer still. The aircon is on a par with the aircon in my early 406, but it chews into the power a bit (the Cordoba has a 1.8 litre single point injection motor).

    Handling of the Cordoba is good, but not in the same league as a 306 if the road is anything less than a billiard table. I'm sure the Cupra would be better, though probably very firm.

    Interior is superior to Peugeots of the same era (though the seats aren't as comfortable)

    The body is very strong for a car of this size.

    The paintwork and plastic fittings remain unblemished, despite spending most of the last seven years out in the open. Its really worn very well.



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    I went in a GTI Ibiza years ago witha guy from work who had a green one. It was great, went like a rocket...
    Love that model name too conjers up all sorts of nice thoughts.... wink wink wink

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    One of the best things about this car is it's tyre size. They run a nice thin tyre to ensure it handles well. I think it runs a 16" rim with 205 45 R 16s or something. Only problem is, it's such a rare size that you can't get replacement tyres in the same size! My mate is still on his first set of Michelins, obvioulsy doesn't drive it hard enough

    As for the car itself, it's a bit small, the dash is a bit ordinary, but it appears to go alright.
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