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    Gold Coast Froggies

    A while back someone was talking about a Ren/Pug repairer down the gold Coast called Dave.


    Can whoever I was discussing this with contact me as I need to get in touch with him due to a family friend down there buying a froggy this week & is looking for a reliable repairer.

    I'll be down there in the next few days & would like to make contact with him.
    Name, address & phone number please

    Alan S
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    See you have found a BX for the friend down the Gold Coast (in the fast lane of Qld). I don't know of Dave and don't have any personal experience of Cit mechanics down there, but do know of Klaus Kelling. Have spoken to him on the phone once about upgrading a CX 4 speed to a 5 speed and received reasonable advice although his price for the parts required was top of the range. I also looked at a BX 16V with 250kkm that he had serviced for a couple of years. The engine was a quiet as a mouse, the injectors were the loudest noise. It ran quite well after the EFI had started to re-map itself (battery was flat when I arrived to test drive it) except for the miss above 6000rpm it developed after a while. Judging from the many receipts with this car, he had obviously kept the maintenance up to date and engine bay looked quite tidy.

    Only have a contact telephone number 55274040


    Ken W cheers!

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