Anyone in Sydney affected by the fires today?
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    Anyone in Sydney affected by the fires today?

    As the topic says, how were you affected? Thos who work in the CBD (and possibly surrounding suburbs) would have experienced power outages and flickering of the lights all afternoon.

    Well i'm still at work because our main router died! For those interested in computers, no it wasn't hooked up to a UPS eek! Well i'm stuck here until a replacement part is flown from canberra, worst case scenario it should arrive here 2am

    So was anyone else affected? or is it effected? Anyways, hope no ones house and loved ones was in any danger


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    Here pugsly, smoke lights out twice etc,.
    lucky the pugs in the garage. Shame bout all the inevetible damage that will occur.
    ps this was both in the cbd and inner west
    ... ptui!

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