How sweet it is....
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    How sweet it is....

    How good is this site, wink
    Had a little drama driving around yesterday, on the blower to Alan S quick exchange advice/phone numbers and back in business within half an hour with a huge saving in $$$$$$.

    I owe you a a_drink thanks Alan (Aussiefrogs at work behind the scenes) wink


    74 D(very Special) >>Rejuvenation Thread<<
    08 C5 X7 HDi very Noir

    "Déesse" Roland Barthes, 'Mythologies', 1957

    The Déesse has all the characteristics of one of those objects fallen from another universe that fed the mania for novelty in the eighteenth century and a similar mania expressed by modern science fiction: the Déesse is first and foremost the new Nautilus.

    (Umberto Eco [Ed], The History of Beauty, Rizzoli, NY, 2004)

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    No probs mate.
    Do you think it's worth passing on that info for the benefit of those with Cits who might want to take advantage of it?

    Alan S
    If it ain't broke, use a 12" shifter.....that usually does the trick!!

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    & thanks to a quick call to Alan yesterday I was able to establish whether the second hand air cond was in working order or not!

    I ended up buying that one Alan, for $250
    1.2 kilowatts & does the whole top end of the house.

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