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    Quaife diffs

    Just been looking at the Quaife website ( <a href="http://www.quaife.co.uk" target="_blank">www.quaife.co.uk</a> ). They can supply gear type LSDs (torsen?) for the following froggies:

    -CitroŽn ZX (BE3 gearbox)

    -Peugeot 205 / 306 / 309 Gti, 405 Mi 16 (I guess this would fit other PSA models which use the same gearboxes)

    -Peugeot 505 (would also fit 604 and 504, and 404 with hypoid)

    -Renault 30 / Alpine (UN1 gearbox)

    As many people on here would know, gear type LSDs are MUCH superior to friction plate LSDs.

    They also do close ratio gear sets for the Renault 336/Lotus Europa

    Just thought I post this info in case it helps somebody.


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    A few of the Lotus Europa guys (mainly Americans) have tried LSD arrangements, but suffered a lot of understeer as a result. Of course, this is a mid-engined rear drive as opposed to front engined, front drive (or rear engined,rear drive) so the effect may be a whole lot different...

    I know a few of them have "killed" the dif deliberatly by using the incorrect grade of oil...
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    The Quaife (gear type) LSD can be used with std. steering, but a clutch type LSD requires power steering in a 205.

    Please refer to the Performance forum if you wish to place an order in the near future.

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    Sounds like fun...

    Anyone know what one would cost? How much to ship?

    What kind of benefits could be gained on either cost if we bulk purchased?

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