Kangoo vs Berlingo vs Partner
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    Kangoo vs Berlingo vs Partner

    Just out of interest was wondering what people thought about the differences between the 3 MPV's?I am a citroen convert now and like the Berlingo but I have always liked the Kangoo. It doesnt get sold here so some will say why am I asking.
    I have heard a rumour it may be selling out here soon from a friend of mine that is close so someone in Renault.
    Heres a recent gathering of people and kangoos overseas. We should hopefully be sold the 4x4 version that would be great.
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    Might have to organise a SEQ Berlingo cruise deal whistle

    Kangoo is a good looking van, more appealing than the Berlingo.

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    Gordon Murray, designer of the McLaren F1, drives a Kangoo as his daily driver. What does this mean? Possibly nothing...but he CAN afford practically any car.


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    As you may guess I'm a Renault man, and my comments may be bias, but I do like the Kangoo.
    In recent comparison tests in UK mags the Kangoo has always come out on top, but there is'nt much between them though!
    Interestingly the road tests have revealed that the Kangoo 4x4 is a better all round package than the Scenic RX4! eek!
    The 4x4 would be my pick!
    Yes the Kangoo will be coming to Oz soon, but I'm not sure whether it's just the commerical range or the passenger range as well.
    What I do know is that it will be the new face lifted version which is ugly! It looks Korean! cry
    Cheers Renomad

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