Thank god for RACV
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    Thank god for RACV

    Today I had the misfortune of breaking down a few times . Last week I accidently ran out of petrol (my guage is stuffed), and this obviously sucked heaps of dirt up off the bottom of the tank. Car ran perfectly for the past 3 days, however today I had fuel starvation problems. The first RACV guy got the car started first go (I hadn't been able to), revved it for a while and said it looked fine. I got about 500m down the road and it konked out again. I managed to get half way home, and with a spot of luck, I saw another RACV truck on the side of the road. This coincided with my car konking out infront of him so he stopped to help. What do you know? He is a bit of a Peugeot nut, has a 504 at home. He sets about flushing out all the fuel lines with compressed air. That didn't work enough so he took out that little L shaped Ryco fuel filter that was in the line going to the carby. He repositioned it in another fuel line, saying that is where it should be. Car runs perfectly now. Yipee! He even followed me home to make sure I made it. It is nice to meet people who are actually helpful.


    Anyone else have good experiences with roadside service?
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    My father was in Hobart one night, just after everthing closed for the night and on his way home, when a bolt holding the brake caliper on the bracket let go, causing the caliper to jam inside the wheel.
    The RACT patrolman checked all af the engineering places, but none were open, so he visited a friend of his to ferret around for a bolt. He then helped to unstick the caliper and fit the new bolt. His supervisor had told him on the radio that he was under no obligation to stay and help for so long, but he told the supervisor he would stay until the car was going.
    He got Patrolman of the year award, because heaps of people nominated him.
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    My nephew does this work for the RACQ on the Gold Coast. If you're ever stuck there, just hope that you get him... he'd take that kind of interest, 'above and beyond the call,' I guess you'd call it.

    His workmates always ask him how he gets so many jobs done too... and the customers ask how he got there so quickly.

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    Maybe I had your nephew helped me out on the Gold Coast 18 months ago.

    I was in my uncle's Landcruiser Troopie, heading down from Cairns. When I was on the Gold Coast, I pulled up at traffic lights to the glorious smell of diesel - didn't think it was me, but the next time I stopped I realised it was!

    I couldn't work out where the diesel was coming from, let alone what was causing it - so being a Saturday afternoon and knowing the troopie was in the RACQ I called up, and a guy came out. He found the problem - the diesel pump was on its way out (because of the new low sulphur diesel in QLD as the patrolman suggested) and there was nothign I could do about it except get the pump overhauled. He gave me 2 suggested contacts but said that I'd probably make it to Sydney, albiet using a bit more fuel than normal.

    I ended up just driving to Sydney but I was most appreciative of the help, especially when he told me a few places to go if I wanted to get it sorted.

    I also had the RACQ come sort me out on that same trip up at Atherton (west of Cairns) - the radiator collapsed about 50km out of town! The RACQ tow truck was there within about an hour, and we were up and running with a new radiator within 3 hours!

    All in all that wasn't an entirely successful trip in that vehicle was it? It hadn't been driven for over a year, although it'd had a major service the week before I picked it up


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