Hi Guys,

My sister is in the process of selling her Renault 19. I'll start by saying I DON'T really like R19's and this car had a cutting out problem that was due to burnt away rotor button and cracked/burnt away distributor cap. I fixed this and the car has not missed a beat since.

My sister however doesn't trust it anymore and is planning and trading it a a shitty little brand new (I don't think I can even type this) Daihastsu shitbox. They have only offered her $2600 trade in (as the rego has just run out).

Now I've done my best to convince her the R19 is 100x the car that ANY dahatsu crapbox is, however she seems to have made her mind up. I'll go over and take some photos of it tomorrow. Guys this car is BLOODY IMMACULATE. Perfect interior, unmarked exterior, and it mechicaly perfect (though shitfully gutless like every other 19 ever sold out here).

SOMEONE SHOW SOME INTEREST FAST!!! The reason she selling it's needs two new mufflers and the rego paid which is almost $1000. Grab it and put to universal mufflers on, and get a RWC. If I needed another car I'd buy it in a heartbeat (even though I don't like R19's).


I want to be able to say to her "I've got this ma ny interested poeple, DON'T SELL IT !!!".

Shane L.

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