What a non french bargain
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    What a non french bargain

    My brother has just bought a bargain 1979 celica hatch, it is bright green from the factory and with a bit of cut and polish came up like brand new. It's fully optioned except for the sunroof has no rust and came from a family who owned it since new, even has original purchase receipt and full books and goes like a treat, he paid $600 and I've seen em for 2000 plus in much worse condition. Photos will be up soon.

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    One of my friends has a 1982 Celica. He has had a few problems with rust, mainly on the hatch. It has never broken down and the only maintanence it has had in the past year and a bit was one oil change I think. This one has huge tyres on it though (215/50s or something like that). Looks ok, although needs a lot of work on the suspension and new shocks.
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    well done. Just tell your brother that is NOT a sports car - the live axle (which has a habit of letting go when least expected eek! ), drum brakes and recirculating ball steering are not inspiring....

    I spent a while driving one, and I was mighty glad to get back into my 504! But a still a bargin - see if your brother can find me a similarly treated Fuego
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