Unbraked car trailers
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    Unbraked car trailers

    This is a warning to anybody who hires a car trailer. Please check to see of it has brakes.
    A while ago we transported a couple of Humber Vogues for a friend from the Huon Valley to the other side of Hobart. Anyone who has ever lived near Hobart knows that the road from the Huon to Hobart has some steep hills on it, with the Southern Outlet being the worst.
    While coming down the Outlet in first gear, I still had to use a LOT of brakes. Even though the Ford Transit tow car has disc brakes, they faded completely just as I reached the bottom. By this time I was stuck in the middle lane of rush hour, so I had to crawl through Hobart in first gear. Very scary. eek!
    When we fetched the second car, the person we picked it up from insisted on loading it front end first , although the engine and gearbox were in the back. All the way home, the trailer wanted to weave if the speed exceeded 65 kmh. snail
    The maximum unbraked limit for most cars is 750kg, and the car trailer would have to weigh 500, so it doesn't take a genius to figure out that most cars will be in trouble if they tried to do this. Be careful

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    Hi Pugg'er,

    I've had this happen before, picked up the car trailer that probably weighs about 700kg's empty. I drove the 50km's or so out of town and picked up the DS21ie on it (ie: the car & trailer combined were no light weight). While cruising at about 90km/h (it felt a safe speed in the CX towing a DS) I tried the brakes .... Errrr, at least I thought I was until I pressed really hard and the brakes this was replied to with front brake pads stinking badly as they overheated. Now the CX isn't underbraked, it has ventilated disks upfront with 4 piston calipers as standard, and 2piston calipers at the rear. There was NO braking at all from the trailer. I gingerly made my way carefully home, luckily there was no real hills or traffic.

    Later when I returned the trailer and explained it had no brakes. The guy attending the place reefed on the handbrake and said there fine. I said "No there not. DO NOT SEND THE TRAILER OUT UNTIL THE BRAKES ARE FIXED". He got narky and told me they only "Assist braking, they aren't supposed to 'stop' the trailer and I've probably got the reversing lock on".

    It was about then I explained the facts to him, gotta admit I wasn't to Eloquent in the way I stated my case either eek! eek! eek! He promised not to send the trailer out until they'd checked the brakes ... It just takes a little, er, "Insistance" in stating your case whistle

    Infact he was told he was bloody lucky I didn't kill anyone with no brakes amongst other stuff I can't really say in a public forum

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