A good reason to learn a bit about your car's workings.
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    A good reason to learn a bit about your car's workings.

    If ever I saw a good argument for knowing what's going on inside your car, even if it's just having a bit of a poke around or keeping your eyes open when somebody has it up on a hoist, this is it.
    A young woman in the UK who is on one of the forums I am & who does a bit of her own general service, something which seems more common over there than out here, posted this on a thread about dopey things people have done over the years in trying to rip people off.
    I thought it was a gem the way she handled it. (and presented the story)

    "or the guy from the "well known high street tyre and exhaust fitters" (phew! what a long analogy for Kwik Fit! ) who sees a potential target.

    Him (thinks) : Ah ha, a dim female!

    Him (to me) : unless you pay us to replace your very worn break pads I cannot guarantee that you will not have a serious accident on your way home, which could even prove fatal!

    Me: that's funny, when I replaced them last week they looked fine to me!!"

    roll_lau roll_lau roll_lau


    Alan S
    If it ain't broke, use a 12" shifter.....that usually does the trick!!

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    Good call Alan, could easily fit in the Humor section.
    I like it when i can out-operate all the new 7-series BMW owners, ive had lots of good fiddles and im pretty confident with the i-driv and the whole car in general...
    Cheers to the friend of yours for sticking it to em...
    ... ptui!

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