OK - so which hand held ?
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    OK - so which hand held ?

    Looking at buying a pair of UHF 2 way handheld's, notice people have been using them on AussieFrog cruises. Whilst the best option is probably to buy a proper in dash CB unit, I want the flexibility to be able to use these suckers as a portable unit, when bush walking etc (I know the range is small - it's just to keep in touch with a second party) ... So it has to be light as well.

    Looking at the uniden range UH037, UH040XR, UH042XR and the UH044.

    <a href="http://www.uniden.com.au/catalogue.asp?Group=2#MOBILE" target="_blank">Uniden</a>


    <a href="http://www.prestigecom.net.au/default.asp?category=UHF%20CB%20Handheld&subcat=Un iden&openmenu=2" target="_blank">Prestigecom</a>

    The 2W UH044 do seem very attactive. Opinions, comments, suggestions, experiences ???

    Best or cheapest place online to buy ?


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    Well most of us Aussifroggers have the UH040XR which is $99 pretty much wherever you look for them. I suppose the higher powered 2W model could be very useful though. I haven't had much luck with the one I have when bushwalking. Member bennymarsh and I tried it out - he has the same model. The moment one person goes over a hill, you loose contact. That's UHF transmissions for you though.. line of sight.


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    My 40 channel 27 meg SSB unit gives me 120 channels and works anywhere.
    I have an aerial mounted at my place & if anyone at Maleny had a set in their car I would pick them up from here given reasonable conditions even though I'm just under a 3 hour drive away.
    We use ours when out in the boat also & have been in contact with home from about 50 klms away out to sea as clear as a bell.
    Problem is you can't get SSB in a hand held but AM has a reasonable range providing you're not in a busy area which is probably why I get better use of this than you guys would. whistle
    Once upon a time, SSB was useless due to every twit on the planet owning one & making a bloody pest of themselves with them but they were the victim of their own success; these days they seem out of fashion so you get the airwaves to yourself. dance
    Incidentally, in SSB, Uniden is about as good as you'll buy. 2_cents

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    I second the AM notion unless you are going to make use of existing base station infracture on UHF.
    Lower frequencies travel further & will refract more over a hills & buildings.
    I used to have a 27 meg CB base station in Tamworth with a 1.2 metre helical whip (nothing special) & during "skip" it was possible to communicate as far a Victoria on just the 5Watts.
    Handheld 27 meg would work well & there are ways of "tricking" up the power output which does sacrifice your battery time.

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