Please be aware of 2 changes regarding appropriate posting which have been discussed prior but are now in writing on the site.

Both changes will help maintain aussiefrogs to be a friendly, welcoming meeting place, something that we have enjoyed for the past 3 years.

General Chit Chat
Chat about anything relating to anything!
The second "anything" now has a link to the privacy statement. The privacy statement link also appears at the bottom of every forum page.
Keep in mind, aussiefrogs is a French car forum.
Topics/ subjects that relate to car makes NOT French, may cop some scrutany. We don't want too many rules, just use common sense wink


The <a href="" target="_blank">privacy statement</a>, which appears at the bottom of all forum pages, & is agreed apon when registering has an addition:

Politics, Religion & current World affairs must be abstained from any posts due to the inflammatory nature of such discussions because of their potential to inadvertantly create ill feelings between members.

This one is a little serious. Any posting with the above content will be deleted immediately.
This content has no place on a French Car site.

Hope you all understand this is for the better.


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