Best touring tyre?
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    Best touring tyre?

    Recent disussions on tyres and the Wheels tyre test have been very interesting.

    In the Wheels test they rated the three best 65 series touring tyres as:

    1. Yokohama A539
    2. Dunlop 300E
    3. Bridgestone Turanza GR50

    Unfortunately the wheels test wasn't able to include a test for road noise or longevity. I'd be interested to read what people's experiences are with these three tyres regarding road noise and tyre life.

    We've already had a bit of a discussion about the Bridgestone GR50, with myself finding them very noisy on a Honda Civic, but others have found them to be very quiet on other cars. One person said that they only lasted about 18,000km, which is not long for a touring tyre.

    Obviously different tyres are going to complement different types of chassis.

    A friend has a set of Yokohama A539s on his 505 at the moment and they seem to be relatively quiet and long lasting. It has done around 10,000km and still has more than 75% of tread depth left, which is very good considering this car is predominatly driven on suburban streets rather than the freeway.

    It would be interesting to get a range of comments on how these 3 tyres last and sound on various sizes of FWD and RWD cars.


    At the moment the Yokohama is looking like it is best for a 505 in everything (grip, wear and quietness), but this may not be the case on other types of cars.

    I'm mainly after comments on the 65 series versions of these tyres, because versions available in other profiles can sometimes use different rubber compounds and can act quite differently, so they may not be a good indicator. Also versions of the same tyre made in different factories in different countries can sometime act differently, so it would be interesting to read about people's experiences on that aswell.


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    I've experienced those tyres on the following vehicles:

    A539 H rated (as tested in Wheels) on a current shape Mazda Astine 1.6 Auto. They were noisier than the OEM Yokos, but were a nicer tyre. They didn't bounce around as much trying to find grip. The suspension on that car was really soft which I wasn't used to, but the Yokos improved it. They did rumble more though.

    A539 Z (or V) rated on a current Subaru Liberty Heritage Wagon Auto. They were very noisy, not as loud as the Avon ZZ1s (which are supposed to be soft riding and quiet!), it really made the car unbearable to be in. They were running 195 50 R 16s, or maybe it was 205 50 R 16s. I didn't really like the way they handled, and they didn't last too long, around 20K, as I recall. We weren't able to rotate the tyres, as the we kept the Avons on the back as they were so loud. When the Yokos wore out there was still more than 50% (30K done) left on the Avons! So the Avons are long wearing, but damn noisy on that particular car. The Sumitomo HTRZ IIs that we replaced them with are significantly quieter and have great feel. Too early to indicate wear just yet.

    300E. I think this is a nice touring tyre, and I doubt it would be a very loud tyre (but then again I don't think those Bridgies should be loud either). I've only gone for one drive in a mate's 307 1.6 Auto where he specifically optioned the 300Es after watching the promo video on the Dunlop Australia website. The 307 is very quiet, and there was distinguishable rumble from the tyres. I haven't driven his car yet, so couldn't comment on how they are to drive...

    Hope that helps!
    - Lincoln

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    I haven't seen a tyre test with longevity, but most of the good ones do have noise and rolling resistance.

    Below is a German tyre test for noise. This is a drive by test conducted at 80km/h. An increase of about 3dB is perceived as a doubling of noise by humans. If you need anything translated, just ask.

    <a href="" target="_blank">AutoBild Tyre Test</a>

    Another test.

    <a href="" target="_blank">Autocar Family Car Tyre Test</a>

    The tyres are (in AutoBild's finishing order)

    Pirelli P7
    Bridgestone RE720
    Continental PremiumContact
    Kumho Ecsta KH 11
    Semperit Direction Sport
    Firestone TZ 200
    Fulda Carat Extreme
    Michelin Pilot Premacy
    Nokian NRV-i
    Vredestein Sportrac 2
    Goodyear Eagle NCT 5

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    I heard somewhere that even the length of time that passes from when the tyre is manufactured to when it finally hits the road can have a major impact on how long the tyre lasts and even on how it sounds and rides.
    Apparently the rubber compounds cures (gets harder) as the tyre ages.
    Don't know if this is bollocks or not but does not sound beyond the realms of possiblity to me. Rubber does age and oxidise quite markedly as time passes.

    Then there is that urban myth about cabbies buying their tyres 12 months in advance of actually needing them and putting them in a quiet place so that they have a chance to harden off before hitting the bitumen and thereby get few thousand extra km's out of a set.

    It's probably all B.S. but jeez it makes for a great story eh?


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    I like Continentals, i had to drive a LS400 lexus to the airport and back x2 in one day... such a lovely car/tyre combo, quiet and comforting, never felt out-of -control.
    Also my Nissan had P7000's wich were nice, but a tad slippy.
    Goodyear Eagles are a worthy mention.
    ... ptui!

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    Dave, must vouch for the GR50's lack of life...from memory the wife's only lasted 20,000km on the front of a FWD - bearing in mind she doesn't stress them too much.


    2003 PEUGEOT 206 GTi

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    Avastar, it's true about leaving tyres to cure. My father does it, he has a set of michelins in the shed curing to fit on his 4*4 hilux now. The rubber gets harder with age, but you must keep it out of the sun. I was talking to my local tyre dealer a few months back after we had a puncture in one of our tractor tyre tubes. He told me that farmers in regions where they have lots of problems with puntures even put their tubes away in a dark spot to harden up to resist puntures.

    Does anyone know how noisy pirelli P6000 tyres are? I was thinking about fitting them to the 505 or a set of continentals, both tyres have had some favourable comments here.
    1987 Peugeot 505 GTD 2.5 Turbo

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    I've got P6000 Powergy tyres on my 306XSi. They seem to be quieter than the Michelin Certis I had on my old 306XR.

    It could be that the XSi is a newer model and has *heaps* more insulation though.


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    The P6000s are quiet at cruising speeds. Squeel when pushed. They also wear well.
    - Lincoln

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