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    Hi Guys,

    for the people that don't read the Citroen forum. I just went in to buy some LHM yesterday. The price has increased over 100 PERCENT!! in the last couple of months. This is totaly ridicululous and unjustified.

    Could everyone in Australia do all of us car drivers a favour and head to:


    and fill in a query form in complaint.

    Also then shoot an email off to this address complaining bitterly about this unjustified increase.



    thanks everyone.
    Shane L.
    PS: The price for 20litres of LHM has risen from $113.32 for 20litres to $218.60!! Bloody ridiculous!!
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    As Shane has said, the price has doubled on LHM. So What? You don't drive a Cit so it's not going to be your problem!!
    Wanna bet???
    We have received answers of sorts from them which basically tell us to go & get stuffed in not so many words. Where things might get interesting is that if this is as suspected, a case of big companies hitting "soft targets" then no matter what you drive apart from a GM, Ford, Toy, Dats, Mits, Korean throw-away or whatever, you could be in their sights.
    Look at it this way, older type (collector) cars made by GM or Ford take a certain type of ATF in their auto transmissions. You can't run Dexron 11 or 111 in them so instead of say $25 for a 4 litre drum they jump it to say $50 or $65 for the same amount. The size of wheels and/or tyres is constantly changing so to buy say a 195 X 75 X 14 goes from $125 to $250/$300 each on a car with a market value of $1500. How often are you going to buy tyres??
    I don't think big companies with politicians in their pockets can be trusted to do anything about it.
    We are soft targets because we are a minority group with little or no political punch nor as a solo group can we expect to pull or threaten to pull a boycott & expect to be taken seriously BUT, if we can get the message across to say Chev clubs, street machine types, Ford, Holden etc etc, then we start to make these money hungry bludgers bleed. The only thing they understand is a dent in their corporate profits.
    Do us a favour; do yourself a favour, if you have contacts within other groups or other brands clubs, ask them to back us in this fight because it appears to me that all non mainstream motorists could be in for some heavy scamming by big business.
    I have suggested an organised boycott of BP stations. I reckon they think we're ripe for the picking.
    Show them how wrong they are.

    Alan S
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