Diesels running LPG
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    Diesels running LPG

    Never heard of this before, but is this the way of the future?

    Bet the "diesel knock's" a beauty on them when it's done.

    Here's the thread that got my interest up.

    <a href="http://www.andyspares.com/discussionforum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=2740" target="_blank">http://www.andyspares.com/discussionforum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=2740</a>


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    maybe i should have installed LPG in my little diesel golf.. ..god that car was gutless...took about 25 minutes to get to 100 in which case i ve usually reached geelong...
    it does make a lot of sense since all diesels are dependant on high comp...which lpg loves as well...on another note, has anybody noticed how strong the ENGINES are that are built to run diesl as well..ie my petrol golf engines were all very tough obviously because the whole engine was built strong enough to handle the diesel high comps...
    question of valve seat recession might come into play..anybody knows how the diesels fare in this regard as i m clueless in this respect??...


    ps..on the positive note the little golf used to deliver 700+ kays regularly on a full tank of diesel...

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    Hi everyone,

    I just replied to that thread on Andyspares. Some of you might find it interesting.
    Hi all,

    AlanS sent me here - I'm an Aussiefrogger from Australia.

    Our family business is landscape supplies, and several of the freight companies that deliver stock to us use trucks with LPG over Diesel (as they call it). They speak of a 60-70% increase in power when they switch the LPG system on. Most of the truckies I've spoken to seem to use it primarily for extra grunt dragging semi trailers up hills, and turn it off when they're cruising along flat ground.

    The prime movers these are fitted to are Iveco trucks.

    You're right about the approximate 10% loss of power, but that is with petrol. One of our company vehicles is a Ford Falcon dedicated LPG powered 6 cyclinder 4.0L utility. It has 143kw... the standard unleaded engine is 156kw. That is an 8.3% loss in power. There is however a corresponding 5% increase in torque figures with LPG powered version of this engine which is useful for us as we carry heavy loads of up to 1 tonne with the ute.


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    My understanding of this system is that it gives execellent economy and apparently turbo diesels give really good power! not only that but the emissions improve.

    I think the normal diesel fuel usage is cut right back however a small amount is used to ignite the gas. My understanding is the gas will not adiabaticly ignite. So the diesel fuel is used as the igniter.

    Diesel would not suffer to much from VSR. I have read (see Hugh McInnes book Turbochargers) about in series turbo diesels running 100psi of boost eek! on 150 ci engines. They did this for tractor pulling and produced 1300hp head_ban not bad for a tractor.

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    This just popped up again on Andyspares.
    DeKa, this should interest you in particular.

    "Okay, this message will be a bit lengthy because I'm gonna paste in an email to me from a fella I know who I consulted on this very topic when I was thinking about converting my ZX diesel to LPG. Don't know how accurate his advice is - but he's an engineer (was in the Russian army, then did a PhD in Britain) and I generally find his advice spot on. By the way, Deka the aussiefrogger - what you doing in a citroen shouldn't you be hooning around in a Sandman or something? Only kidding from one anitpodean to another! ;-) Ok, advice I received was as follows...:-

    Regarding your LPG conversion question, my advice is not to
    bother if you have got diesel car, as the proper technology is not
    there I am affraid, and existing one is not worth the hassle. I'll try to
    explain why.

    If one tried to run a diesel engine solely on LPG one needs spark
    plugs, I am affraid you are not up for precise drilling and threading
    the engine head, which needs to be dismantled, and depending on
    the model sometimes it is not an option at all. Nevertheless if you
    did that, are you ready to meet all the costs for adopting a proper
    ignition system for that engine. I believe it isn't straitforward.

    The proper approach for diesels is to have a mix of diesel fuel,
    which will be ignited by compression, and LPG which will be in
    cylinders at the same time, thus reducing the amound of diesel fuel
    requered. But once again, there are very few people in the UK who
    would agree to convert your car. Most of the installers do not do
    diesel conversions.

    Assuming there is low demand for diesel lpg kits, there are very
    few around at extremely high price and once again I am not sure
    whether you can get hold of it or not. I ve been looking recently for
    a DIY lpg kit for my 850. After researching a bit, I concluded that I
    need an lpg injection system which would cost me 1100 pounds
    even if I installed it myself. The mixer type systems (300-600)
    have a potential for backfires which are not pleasant at all, although
    not crucuial for engines with aluminium inlet manifoulds and
    protected air flow meters.

    I hope this information helps, if you need more
    experienced advice you can visit <a href="http://www.lpgforum.co.uk." target="_blank">www.lpgforum.co.uk.</a>
    There are many nice people there."

    Alan S whistle
    If it ain't broke, use a 12" shifter.....that usually does the trick!!

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