Lifted from a UK board but just had to share this one;

Many years ago when I was involved with the Bus preservation scene, I was entrusted to be the custodian of the worlds sole surviving operational Guy Wulfunian.

Now when I say operational, I mean you could connect batteries to it and it would start. The poor thing had lay almost forgotten about for 10 years and was the worse for wear.
For those who don't know about the "wulf" it was a revolutionary vehicle built in 1961, it had a front engine, disc brakes all round, full air self leveling suspension, independant at the front.

I decided that I'd like to put her back on the road problem was the engine back plate was smashed, so the engine a Gardner 6LX had to come out. Several weeks later it was back in and running, next problem, no brake fluid. The "Wulf" used Girling mineral blue, because of the heat generated by the disc brakes, it was found in it's early days that the brakes fluid boiled. So Girling developed the Mineral blue. But we didn't have any.

After hours and hours on the phone to companies all over the world (cost my employer a small fortune Laughing ) one or two came up with the only solution.


There is one other Wulfrunian currently under restoration at the Dewsbury bus museum, this one (above) is West Riding 995 and can currently be seen at the Black country museum.

This photo must have been taken just after I got her back on the road as she is devoid of her Guy badge on the front, never actually carried one in service, but the front opens up down the centre and is hinged on the drivers side for the engine removal, just in case you're wondering, the radiators are upstairs. Surprised
What absolute icons some of those London buses were with the mileages they did, but it seems they still hold hidden secrets to their long life expectancy and the old LHM was one of them.
I've always had a soft spot for old reliable well built machinery much of which was never appreciated for what it was.

Alan S


P.S. and we all thought Shane was the World's craziest restorer; how would you like to have this baby looking at you from the back paddock after sitting there for 10 years??