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    hi new to this forum. looking at buying a 25gtx, does anybody here know much about them. i been told good things and bad things especially with it being a renault.



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    They usually have many electrical gremlins, speedos often don't work unless the circuit board is resoldered. Motors and gearboxes are good, but I would not touch an auto. Ride and handle quite well, but are not a motorkhana weapon.

    Trouble is they are now heading toward 20 years old and may not have been overly cared for over the last 10. So a lot of parts can be tired and things like oil and coolant changes may have been neglected.

    I have only seen rust in the small triangle that is above the front guard near the windscreen. Buy the best one you can find, or you will spend around 2 years sorting problems like I did. Parts are available. I think French Car Care in Brisbane must have 7 of them in various states of repair. I think they still run a couple themselves.
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    I had a 25 GTX and really loved it (and I had come from a CX), nice care to drive around town (brilliant turning circle), great A/C (full climate), comfy seats and quiet.

    Very good on fuel, but look at if yours is leaded or unleaded- not sure how the leaded model would go on ULP.

    I took it on a couple of interstate trips and found it well adapted for highway driving as well as the city. Certainly I never found it lacking power, nice gear ratios made overtaking safe. Very good at cruising speeds and easily capable of more- remember french speed limits are higher than ours.

    Easy to work on (I came from a CX remember) and everyone who drove in it comented on what a nice car it was.

    Switches were of good quality and the only problem I had was the digital fuel display.

    The only reason I sold it was because the gearbox died wrong oil used- previous well known Adelaide dealer had serviced it. In the end I sold to a guy for the price of a case of beer, he found a second hand gearbox and put it back on the road for his wife.

    I never had a problem with parts but that was many years ago, and ue to the low value of them the previous owner is unlikely to have spent a lot of money on it.

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