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    Default Binary fuel systems

    I read a question in a motoring section in todays paper concernig a binary fuel system for a diesel engine. What is this system and is anyone using such a system.
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    I dont know where the binary part of the name has come from, but my understanding of the system is that a small amount of gas as used in gas powered cars is injected into the intake manifold of the engine which is then compressed with the air, and when the main diesel injection takes place the gas releases its energy, therefore needing less diesel for a given power output. The amount of gas injected is small enough that the gas/air ratio is unsuitable for ignition ( too lean ) but once the diesel has ignited, the gas burns as well.

    The system has been around for a while, and has been in use, but where, my memory fails me. Maybe the British Armed Forces, it might be worth a Google.


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    Default LPG injection

    It's been around for a while and has a following in the US. I've yet to find any empirical evidence of its claimed benefits, however users comment that it improves power and torque. The bottom line is that you don't get something for nothing. You'd have to store the LPG, pay for an injection system that would probably include a converter that would be warmed by the cooling system water etc etc. If anyone locates a reliable website that has test data I'd like to view it.
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    I've seen "propane fumigation" mentioned a fair amount in the capacity referred above, but always as a gas. LPG or CNG actual liquid injection is yet to be de-bugged; freezing injectors was a main problem. Liquiphase were messing with it here, and there was a company in the NL (IIRC), too.

    If it's in the news again, might just be that a company involved in it, is having its media profile raised as part of a value adding exercise...

    Cheers, Adam.

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