XD2s in a 164 volvo
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    Default XD2s in a 164 volvo

    A friend of mine is considering doing this mod to his immaculate 74 164, have heard it is possible and after and afternoon of measuring we think it could in theory be done if the XD2s was sat a little more vertical in the engine bay to give clearance for the turbo. Has any one done this conversion? any Ideas on a manual gearbox we are considering the volvo 4sp with an overdrive unit and tall ratio diff should give about 2700 rpm at 120km/h. Any info appreciated.


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    Default volvo pug

    A friend of mine has the same volvo and loves it as he fits in it well (he's 6'6" 132Kg) He is sold on the oug diesels but really wanted to keep the volvo. We toyed with the idea, but at the end of it all, he sat in a 504 and decided he could live with it so we got him one. Now we just need to find a replacement diesel engine! As for the volvo, yeah it's possible, but I really think it would be a sh!t of a thing getting the mounts to the transmission made up just right. The spring rates in the front would be a bit challenging but aside from that, it should be a bolt in affair. Keep me posted!
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    I would like to get one of those and fit a S80 T6 motor to it. Awesome.
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