I have had a call from Gal Roussos who is trying to arrange a 60s model stylish European car for a film shoot at Windsor (NW Sydney) this Sunday 22 January for a few hours (yes I know this is the day of the AF BBQ)

It is for a short film starring Barry Otto.

Gal is after a 60s vehicle which is stylish and through it's appearance suggests luxury, which is of course why she thought of Citroen! She would prefer to have a single colour (no white roof) vehicle that was around in the 60s and either maroon, silver or green. It does not have to be a Citroen.

The vehicle will be driven a short distance and can be driven by the owner if their shape fits that of the character playing the role, or will be driven by a driver from the crew.

There is no payment involved other than credit in the titles and the experience of being in a film shoot. ALL cast and crew are volunteers for this short film.

If you can help, please contact Gal direct on 0408 020 579.