Does TSG still mean Traffic Support Group?
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    Default Does TSG still mean Traffic Support Group?

    Is this still a cutesy prefix for stealth police Q-cars?


    Had an unremarkable-looking black Bitzamitzi Magna jump onto my back bumper a little too promptly at midday today coming out of Greens Rd in Dandenong South, so I didn't race him down to the Prince's Highway, but traffic and poor lane choices held him up till he pulled up alongside of me at the lights. Till he got bored with the red, that is, because he just blew it off after about 15 seconds and took off into Dandenong, leaving a bunch of us lesser mortals wondering what he knew that we didn't. Spotted him again in the main street, where he was pulling up in front of a shop. Low-TSG prefix (sub-100) plate, Mafia tint windows, one hubcap missing from the right rear, or perhaps a spare instead of an alloy. Do twin exhausts with turn-down tips mean anything special on a Magna? An "ES" badge on the back?
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    There's always

    I'm off Abotts Rd in Dandy South, just down the road from where you were.

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