About 5 years or so ago on our Prime TV (that was once Uk owned, but is now Aust owned & is basically sports and reality shows) there used to be regular shows of classic cars travelling (rallying rather than racing) all around the globe. I remember Peking to Paris was one, another was UK to Madras and so forth. I followed the fortunes of a yellow DS wagon, a couple of Peug 404's & a 505, Renault R8, Rover 90, Hillmans etc - cars of the 60's & 70's. They were great shows, and would make great additions to anyone's video or DVD library. Unfortunately I didn't tape any of them (shame!). Does anyone know of a source for anything like this? Far better to watch than current reality shows, even if the contestants are mostly naked. I've thought about trying to track some of these down for a while now - this is the first endeavour.
Cheers = Paul