Battery Refresher thoughts?
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    Default Battery Refresher thoughts?

    Have just purchased a battery refresher from Jaycar Electronics.
    It cost $49.95 and it promises to reverse the effects of sulphation on batteries which are not yet at death's door.

    The battery needs to be charged before the device is attached.
    It is a small black box with a red and black alligator clips.
    It can be connected while the battery is connected however the circuit should not be powered up.
    Apparently it sends a pulse through every so often to help reverse the degradation of the plates.

    Does anyone recommended this product and if so how long should it be attached to the battery to have effect?
    The instructions have neglected to mention this.


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    Default No limit on time

    Most refreshers I've seen operate by sensing the output voltage of the battery and cutting in with a trickle charge as a top-up, not a full-on deep recharge, hence don't use it on a flat battery.

    As an example, the cut-in voltage on the Mobitronic Battery Refresher is 12.6 +/- 0.2V, meaning that when your battery voltage falls below this the refresher acts as a charger but I assume it then cuts out again, meaning you shouldn't run into any danger of overcharging, ever.

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    batteries start to sulphate from the day the acid is put in them and they are charged up

    you can prolong the life but i don't think you can reverse the effects of it as it is the plates falling apart
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    Most of the Jaycar kits come from Silicon Chip, which i've used quite a few of & all have been great!

    I had the old Ni-Cad rejuvenator circuit & it worked an absolute treat.

    See if you can find out some more info in the Silicon Chip mag, as there should be some good supporting info.

    Either way i'm pretty sure it'll be useful & make its money back pretty quickly!

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    Not sure how much use this really is, last battaries I bought had two year warranty so not expensive to just replace evey two years. Less than two tanks of fuel on my car

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