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    Default 505 windscreen...

    Hi all, I was just curious to see if anyone has had a windscreen replaced in their 505 in Melbourne. I need to replace a windscreen in a car I just bought that is in Fitzroy and just wanted to know if anyone knows of a cheap place to call.

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    Had mine replaced earlier this year by the screen guy my mechanic uses. Don't even know this guys business name, only know him as Jeff.
    The screen has had an airleak (wind noise) in the bottom left corner since. When I rang and mentioned this to him he said this was caused by drainage holes in the lower seal. I asked why only one side made noise and the previous screen never did he offered to seal it.
    I blew compressed air from inside and could feel it comming out in that corner.
    We have Windscreens O'brien comming in to work almost daily so I ran the problem by a few of their guys. It seems common when a new screen is fitted, on certain cars the screen needs to be removed and replaced/refitted. O'briens would do this without question, the guy that did mine had plenty of excuses. Price wise they were much the same.

    Most aftermarket screens come from the same place therefore any savings will probably be on the labour side of things and will be miniscule.
    Around $190 seems to be the norm for a screen fitted and don't forget to replace the wiperblades while you're at it.
    Sticking with one of the larger screenies companies shouldn't cost more but should make warranty (if needed) much easier. Especially if you plan on taking the car back home to Tassie.

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