Mobil visibly marketing its Premium price
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    Icon14 Mobil visibly marketing its Premium price

    For the First time one of the Major oil companies have started to display its premium (95 octane unleaded) unleaded fuel on its main illuminated display pylon outside their premises.

    Motorists are using increasing amounts of this fuel and its time that it was displayed for the information of motorists - I was pleased late last week when I saw that Mobil Stations on Bourke Road Caulfield had the Premium price displayed on the pylon at FIVE (5) cents above their normal ULP price.

    This is well below the price difference for similar 95 RON fuels at SHELL, CALTEX/SAFEWAY and BP - perhaps motorists by buying where fuel and price matters will finally bring the others to some account or Mobil will enjoy an advantage of custom if they don't!

    I have spotted this price difference before at the pumps, but never seen it displayed on the main board.

    Bring on the competition!


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    can i have the 98octane price on the board too thanks Mobil?
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