Greetings from the UK!
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    Default Greetings from the UK!

    As I am new here I just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Simon, I live in the UK, and although I don't own a French car at present I am certainly an enthusiast. I have a love of all things car-related. French car-wise I have a soft-sport for big Peugeots and Citroens including the Peugeot 604, 505, 605 (my father owned two of these), and 607 plus the Citroen DS, CX, and XM. As you can imagine, French cars are very plentiful in the UK. My girlfriend has a Renault Clio.

    Please do check out this web forum site that I am an Admin for: is a new international car enthusiasts site that welcomes all types of car enthusiast from anywhere in the world. Basically it doesn't matter if you drive a Mazda RX-8, a Renault Clio, or a '57 Chevy you are welcome here.


    We also have a pretty comprehensive database of current car specifications.

    I would love to hear your opinions on the site on anything including content, concept, layout etc so please let me know what you think. I'd also love to hear your ideas on how best to promote the site - I am new to the world of website admin!

    Free free to sign up and post on the site if you wish, I'd love to welcome you to the site if so.

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    I am new to the world of website admin!
    Really? impressive start, really reinforces how few of the model range gets to our shores. Just had a quick look, easy to follow.
    Cheers- GavinS 25 GTX 1987 build 2165cc auto - TBR. Renault is properly pronounced "Rhen-oh."
    .......................................Nissan Skyline (daily driver)
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