Purchase receipts for unrego'd cars
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    Default Purchase receipts for unrego'd cars

    Hi guys,

    I'm on the verge of buying a new frog but I'm a little stymied about one problem...

    Car has been out of rego for some time. The last registered owner didn't write a receipt to the current owner, so the car is kind of "in limbo" with respect to any kind of formal chain-of-ownership.


    So, I was wondering what the deal is with these receipts, anyway... Do they actually mean very much? A vehicle identity check, I would assume, is the proper way for the authorities to verify a car isn't dodgy? A REVS check being the next best thing?

    Can I just turn up with a receipt with some random person's name on it and register a car (assuming it passes the ID check?) It's an old, dodgy, cheap Frog which makes it all a lot less likely to attract trouble.

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    Dunno if ACT is trickier, but a handwritten receipt from the person you bought it from usually suffices. Worst case I had was an old R10 that had surface rust over the VIN number so it was unreadable. They just sent me out with a nmber punch and new VIN they created for it.

    Best to give them a bell and explain the situation to them - there will be a way around it for sure.

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