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    Default R8 Motor Thoughts

    Howdy all...

    I'm sure some of you have opinions on this, and I'd like to hear them!

    I've got the opportunity to buy an R8 G 1135 clone, partly done. It still needs a lot of pieceing together.. but it's solid.

    So, motor options.

    Search out R17G bits, 807 block, etc, go with webers or dellortos and build it up (or find one whole). Would R8G intake work with this motor or is everything specific?

    Get an R5 Alpine motor.

    I know of a motor someone had earmarked for a Lotus Elan, a renault block, sidedraft, supposedly puts out a good chunk of HP. The same guy has an R17 5 speed tranny, also for sale. Will this combination bolt in, if I can use an R10 clutch and bellhousing, is that the right choice of bits?

    Basically, what would the difference be in ease of installation and power output of these motors, including gearbox and clutch combinations.

    I don't mind importing from Europe, if need be (rather not). What about the host of other R5 engines that are available? R5 Turbo motors? Thoughts on those? Trannsmission, clutch and bellhousing combinations?

    Thanks all.


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    Stick with the sierra motors..alot less headaches. 5 Alpine motor would be terrific but if you find a away of getting enough cool air for the intercooler, go a 5GTT motor for ridiculous hp in an 8!

    5 Alpine motor with enhancements will give you plenty of excitment in the back of an 8.

    Good luck and post some pictures.

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