Silver GTi6 - "Old Pacific Highway" TODAY
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    Icon6 Silver GTi6 - "Old Pacific Highway" TODAY

    Glad to see another Pug having fun!! Sorry to have to slow you down but the boys in blue were in force today BIG TIME!! Just as I was heading south along the Brooklyn Bridge, there was a SS sitting to the side facing your way.........were you travelling with that MkIV Golf??

    No motorbikes due to wet weather so they picked on cars instead. Gosford was crawling with Police and I had the "GULP" feeling of having a XR8 marked police car pass me coming the other way and then put his blinker on to pull a U-Turn. Only thing I could be caught for was having the fog lights on.....not speeding that is for sure! Thankfully he was not after me!!


    Happy Pugging....
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    Old Road is a no go zone at the moment, there have been a few incidents up there over the past few weeks and the cops will be cracking down hard, best to leave the O.R. alone until december methinks.

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    Sounds like nothing has changed.

    Same old story when I use to ride my motorcycle up that way.

    Too bad it's a great road. It should be made one way, and open speed limit :p

    J/k. great idea, but obviously not one that will come to fruitition.

    I might take the pug up there one day, I'll have to fix it three times to get that distance, but I'll make it :p

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