It's worth checking your insurance
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    Default It's worth checking your insurance

    I had my annual renewal notice come in.

    was $905 with AAMI. Fully comprehensive. Tinted Windows. Agreed Value. Rating 3 (one accident only) had license for 5 years.

    so i took the Norma (nrma) price challenge. came in at $750. for the same type of coverage as AAMI were offering.

    I then decided to do an online quote with AAMI, and see how that matched up with my yearly renewal. The online quote came in at $705. thats a $200 difference for the same policy. except they upgraded me to a rating one in the online quote.


    so i rang AAMI and asked why is there such a difference. anyway, they reaccessed my insurance and beat the online quote of $705! i am now on a rating 1, with rating protection, for $630.

    so i saved nearly $300, just by checking an annual quote. it seems that when you get a renewal notice they just get spat out of a computer, with no consideration given at all.

    i am pretty happy with the result, and might be a worthwhile remider for everyone else.

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    Well I just got my house insurance renewel.... I remember Alan saying Shannons now do house insurance .... A quick phonecall to them as I've saved $50bux on my house insurance AND have $10,000bux of cover for car parts With any other insurance ... all those hard to find parts would have gone up in smoke and not been covered.

    As a bonus it'll just come out monthly with my car insurance at no cost

    Shane L.
    PS: I've never made a claim through Shannons, but talk about bloody impressed !!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DoubleChevron
    PS: I've never made a claim through Shannons, but talk about bloody impressed !!
    I have made a claim through Shannons and I am impressed. They insured my 1963 DS19 for what I said I paid for it, did the whole thing over the phone with no drama. But with insurance, what you are buying is not the service when you set up the insurance contract, but the service if you have to claim. The problem is that you can never tell until you claim what that part of the service will be like, you can't "try before you buy". You can only use the initial service as a guide to what the claims service might be like. In Shannons' case, their claims service is impressive too.

    When the DS19 burnt out a few months later they paid up without a quibble. Again, all done over the phone with no drama. It did take them 6 weeks to pay but that was the only aspect they did not do brilliantly. I reckon that one payout more than repaid all the insurance premiums I had paid up until then. This was a couple of years ago. I spent the proceeds on a 1959 DS19 and it too is insured through Shannons. I tried Vigil insurance but they had zillions of quibbles and wanted a higher price. Forget it!

    But I would not say that Shannons is automatically the best. When I went to insure my "new" XM a few months ago I tried my usual insurer, Elders, and they were about $100 cheaper than Shannons! But Elders are pretty choosy who they take on, you usually have to be a client of their other services. In our case, my father, sister and I have all our properties and vehicles (except my DS19) insured with them. That's 2 farms, 3 houses and maybe 10 vehicles. And my father has been selling wool through them for more than 50 years! So you would expect a good deal with that lot. But they won't touch comprehensive insurance on pre-1980 cars.


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    Icon8 I agree - dont renew without checking first

    Quote Originally Posted by Reno
    I had my annual renewal notice come in.


    so i saved nearly $300, just by checking an annual quote. it seems that when you get a renewal notice they just get spat out of a computer, with no consideration given at all.

    i am pretty happy with the result, and might be a worthwhile remider for everyone else.
    I agree - dont renew without checking first.
    Two examples:

    1/For many years I just paid our house insurance through a broker when it came in.

    But at the bank one day (CBA - I hate em with a passion!!) the pretty young teller asked me if I wanted a quote for house insurance? I normally say no but relented, as I am an old perve, & gave her a few details so she gave me a quick quote for about half what I was paying. I thought she made a mistake but I checked it out a few days later and she was very close so I changed companies and saved heaps.

    2/ At work they had this deal for private health insurance it looked OK but I hadnt looked at it closely. I was very committed to Medibank Private & had been in it since it started (1975?) & I got a small reduction for direct debit.
    The miserable pricks took the discount away - probably to pay a bigger bonus to the CEO and I was pissed off big time so I had a close look at the other company's offer. For an extra $3 a week I am on top hospital & all the extra benefits. For example my dentist couldnt believe how much I got back from the new insurer.

    Moral is - because I had become a loyal customer, they gradually screwed me. Well stuff em they will get no more of my money.
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    Similar story to 604 tragic was at my credit union sorting a few things out and the teller offered to do a quote for me on car insurance, so I said ok they took my details and phoned back that arvo with a quote under half what I was paying, thought they had made a mistake, so went over it again and nope it was correct, so have full comprehensive and a rating 1 and saved heaps, when my renewal came up called Shannons, but they could not match it, they were about $350 more...
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    When my renewal notice came in (Torque underwritten by Lumley), I asked if I could have it reduced as I only drive my car on the weekend. The guy on the phone looked at the premium and agreed it was rediculous. Took off about 30% no questions asked, but the contract still stipulates daily use. Interesting, as I *did* have an extensive discussion with them about the excessive nature of my premium when I started the policy. However, it was the only company that would insure my car on agreed value, so I had no choice.


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