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    Default East Coast Targa

    Just wondering if anyone has taken part in this amazing race... I am considering doing so in the next few years, won't be able to next as it is my HSC, yet the year after would be an ideal time.

    So. Whats it like?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Uga Boga
    Yep so unfortunately true....

    Rusty, Start smaller, see if you enjoy thrasching the crap outta your brand new car first

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    forum regular nbj's been doing it from the start..

    too bad it's gone now. was a wonderful race run with a wide selection of cars
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    Aww Rusty it's over now mate, it's died ;( R.I.P ECT

    Mate the East Coast Targa requires a bit of experience, consider doing something like it after you do those advance driving courses you have been talking about.

    You need a L2 CAMS lisence as a minumum to enter the event. And if you have never entered a Tarmac rally before you are required to attend a 'rookie' day where they take you out to Oran park and teach you the basics of how to drive a car on the limit in a rally stage.

    There are a few people on this Forum who have competed in the East Coast Targa over the years. (I have for about 5 years) And it is a shame to see it die. (have a scroll through the motorsport forum to find related threads) Driving/drifting on narrow NSW country roads is a real buz. But it comes at a price dude, the ECT is not cheap to enter. And it's not cheap to prepare your car to meet the requirments for the event. However, the Peugeot 306GTi6 from this years event did very well giving a Porsche Turbo and an F355 a run for their money

    Other similar events that I would recommend is the Adelaide Classic and the Targa Tasmania. I have done both of these in past years, and Next year I will be doing the Adelaide Classic again. Some people may recommend the Dutton rally or the GP Rally, but after also doing these events, I didn't like them cause the only 'fun' you get to have is in the form of Motorkanas and Laps around race tracks, there aren't any closed road rally stages (which lets face is is why you enter, otherwise you may as well just go to a club track day)

    anyway rusty. Want any info about doing Tarmac rallies, just ask, they are loads of fun and I recommend them to any1! But you do need to have your wits about you. Build up some experience first Rusty
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