O well nearly! But I have to vant out my anger
I was waiting at a lights on a small street off Victoria Rd.
After waiting for like ever, it finally turn green and off I go.
It was at this very same time I saw this asshole (sorry about the language) in his shitbox suzuki swift appearing from the corner of my vision on my right.
The next second was like slow motion. Hard on the brakes (waiting for that crunching sound of metal- my recent side-on crash still in my mind)

He/she swerve to the into the other lane, his left door narrowing avoiding my bumper. His/ her passenger even gave me one of those sorry wave.
Well f k the passenger was lucky, because if I wasnt starting from a standstill but going a say 40-50km'h towards the intersection, his sorry ass would have been crushed & I would have days off work for shock therapy + a new car .

That idiot would have been running a red light by about 2-3sec. If mine was already green!


Sorry but green plates 306 drivers ARE not the worst, because those in swift drives around without a brain!