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    Default alternative fuels/australia talks back

    Hi, just listened to an hour on this subject. Might be of interest to people who have a podcast facility.
    Basically, what Andrew says is confirmed. but there seems to be some new technology of producing ethanol.
    California seems to be a very high user of ethanol but now they are thinking of putting a stop to it as it requires mor energy to produce than it is worth?
    Sounds like biodiesel or a combination of biodiesel and LPG is a good option but nobody is considering it.
    Natural gas seem a goer.
    The bottom line is that we have to find an alternative if we want to keep our mobility.


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    Compared to oil, the EROEI (energy return on energy invested) numbers for alternative energy sources tend to be pretty shabby. Most aren't a net loss, but they just aren't as energy-packed as fossil fuels are. Take a look here and compare the non-renewable vs. renewable numbers.

    Mainly to do with the fact that oil is, indirectly, a stored form of several thousand years' worth of solar energy (it was needed to grow plants that fed growing dinosaurs -- or fed what the dinosaurs ate), and all that's needed to get that energy back is to punch a hole in the ground and perform a fairly simple refining process.
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