Be a couch potato & win a Renault
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    Default Be a couch potato & win a Renault

    It sounds like such an original concept, it's a wonder nobody has thought of having an anonymous hero driver before........

    Surely they could have come up with a more original name than the "Speed Steerer", how about The Stig?

    Ripped from drive.con

    Each episode will feature a segment titled 'The Hot Lap', where presenter Michael Stahl will test a new car each week and rate the car on its performance, handling pedigree and features. An anonymous professional racing car driver, the 'Speed Steerer', will then take the car for one lap. Lap times will be tallied and compared throughout the season. Viewers and studio audience members will be able to vote for their favourite cars that feature in 'The Hot Lap' and have the opportunity to win a Renault.


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    I wonder if they have licensed the concept of Top Gear from the BBC or are just going to blatantly rip it off....

    I'll watch it but part of me thinks it will just be crap. Which is a pitty because Stahly's not a bad journo.
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