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    Can the engine(1400) from a Fuego turbo be fitted in a Dauphine?



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    Quote Originally Posted by supo
    Can the engine(1400) from a Fuego turbo be fitted in a Dauphine?

    Check again with this one. If the motor is from a Fuego Turbo, it will be a 1565cc alloy block motor and not a 1.4 cast iron block motor. There will be a plate riveted to the side of the block, get the numbers from that and report back, the numbers are the type number of the motor and the production serial number.

    A 1.4 motor will mate up to a type 330 R8/10 gearbox with a late bellhousing for the larger clutch.

    The Fuego Turbo motor will require the bellhousing from say an 18i gearbox or the Fuego Turbo gearbox to interface with the R8/10 gearbox, as well as the input shaft. Then things get tricky, the later type bellhousings have a different arrangement for the support and sealing of the input shaft, these would have to be checked to make sure everything will work and seal OK with th 330 gearbox. Someone else may know more about the various interchanges with the later components.

    Also with the turbo motor, the guts from a Renault 16 gearbox would be needed for the power. The Fuego diff is again cut in the wrong direction, and also the NG type gearbox components won't interface with the 330 casing. NG's are set up from the factory, the earlier 3xx gearboxes are shimmable for adjustment to set them up.

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    I have seen an 807 type motor fitted to a Dauphine with twin Webers and a R16 TX 5 speed. To this were added custom driveshafts and wishbones and utilised R17 Gordini rear brakes on 16 discs. Anything can be done given time, money and talent. This was, and is still a road car.

    Easier to use an 8/10 box with a 15/16/17 bellhousing if going this route, but the outputs on the diff tend to break. (I broke 9) The clutch arrangement can be difficult to get right. The innards of a 16 can be fitted to a 10 box, which gives larger outputs, but then you have to respline the unis, and there is some work to fit the diff in.

    The Fuego Turbo is an 807 type motor but is 1565cc.
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