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    Default Chinese SUV

    For all those admirers in Aussiefrogs of SUVs, the first Chinese SUVs have landed in the Netherlands. Look here :-


    (Moderators, if I'm off course here because it isn't French, then please remove!)

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    The best aspect of the launch was the amount of free publicity, who could pay for that and here is some more . One of the funny interviews at the time was a chinese factory rep being asked on German TV what he thought of selling the SUV for such a low price in europe ? " this price offers a very healthy margin for us, the price of vehicles in europe is too high" ouch !! Almost as good as the name, thankyou Rover. for an idea of the fit and finnish.
    The main complaint, seem to be made for going off road .
    Selling them on pre order would be a makers dream.
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    Goody - more gross consumerism. Its bad enough having mountains of throw away when its broke electronics flooding our shores, but cars is pushing it...

    Plus, I wouldnt be very happy supporting another Chinese industry that pays it workers those wages - dont get me started on living conditions and human rights in China for factory workers (or anyone else).....

    And Im sure the car factories there have wonderful environmental controls - not....
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    That all reminds me. Whatever happened to the SSangyong Musso thing that was driving around at times.
    Confused machine really with only some of them having Mercedes badges on them.

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