Those at the FCD at UQ will remember Rupert in the mid blue 2CV who had just arrived a few days earlier from the UK. Wednesday he rolled up here and Thursday left bright and early to catch the barge over to Fraser Island armed with as much local knowledge as can be imparted in about an hours conversation.
This afternoon (Saturday) he arrived back, absolutely stoked at the way the little 2CV with the Louis Barbour 4WD conversion went. Not only that, he also blew the rangers away with the ease with which it handled the terrain and coupled to that, he met a couple of environmentalist researchers who were also quite taken and offered to travel with him, in another 4WD over the various parts of the Island. They do recording of wildlife both visual and sound, so they led, he followed and one of them sat in the rear of their vehicle with the camera rolling, so he caught the 2 CV in full flight over the sand tracks and I think up to a part of the beach.
Tommorrow he heads north after visiting the Fraser Coast Seafood Festival and intends heading up at least to Cairns although he's a bit open ended on how far and where he will go.
He will possibly update his website between now and when he returns to the UK and will at the end put down a video recording of the trip along with pics and a write up, so keep an eye out for him; he's very approachable and looking forward to seeing as much of Oz as he can, so if he pops up in your neck of the woods, show him a bit of hospitality.
For those who didn't see him, here's his website to bring you up to speed.!.html

Starngely, the local 4 X 4 hire joint were telling hime the places they reckoned he wouldn't get in the 2CV to which my response was "bullshit; it'll go where some of their big tanks will never see" and guess what? I was right, they were wrong. Should have put a Casket Ticket on that one.

Alan S