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    Default Froggy Street

    I have a property out in the country east of Perth. There are only four houses in the street (5 acre lots) which is not unusual however I wonder if the ratio of French cars is.

    When I was there on the wekend with the 406, 206 GTi and my resident tractor 404 wagon I also noticed that the house down the road has a 405 a Renault 19 and wrecked Feugo and Citroen.

    Not a bad collection for a street with 4 houses! Seven Froggies!



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    so when are you inviting your neighbour on here Graelin?

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    ....beginning to look a bit frightning isn't it.

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    Saturday my street will have 9 renaults, and all in my yard
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    Default A good ratio!

    I have to say that 7 to 4 is a good Frog to Dwelling ratio. Keep up the good work and get to know those Frog loving neighbours.

    On most nights my house (and the street outside) hosts a 306, 505 wagon, 505 sedan, 504 sedan and DS. this is 5 to 1, but there are 8 dwellings in the street. None of the other residents have risen to the heights of French car ownership, however, so they let the team down a bit. Mind you, it's not for the want of a bit of brainwashing.

    When the eldest bloke comes back to Melbourne after his stint in Newcastle, he'll add the 205 Gti to the parking lot!

    Oh, and the 2 Minis and the EA Falcon wagon (work car, not mine!) at my place also let the team down a bit, but I don't care!

    Interestingly, I don't reckon our street is all that typical for an Australian streetscape. Next door have a Subaru, a Mitsubishi, a Datsun 1600 and an Escort!

    That being said, the classiest cars are at my place!
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    Frog to dwelling ratio?
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    Default Frogy to dwelling ratio

    I like that kind of catchy.

    Yes will have to meet them I usually seee them come and go and the R 19 is parked al day in the main street of Toodyay.

    I have also found a shed in main street with a AXGT and a 2CV! amongst other things such as MG and Etype.


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    We could start a competition.

    For instance, taking just my house, it's a 3:1 ratio. My 2 housemates each have a 206cc. Then, for a while, I had borrowed a friend's 205Gti, when the Mi16 was "non-operational" in the car-port. Then, a friend would visit me in his Xantia, making a total of 5 froggies (and no-non froggies), all younger than 15 years old, all very much in great nick and operational ('cept for the minor Mi16 dramas at the time). All in the driveway of one house.

    Not bad, eh?
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    Well I think you have the record so far. When all the extended family is home we manage 5 cits and 1 peugeot at our place - that is the registered ones,
    and there is an older couple down the street with a C3 auto that they love, and my niece lives in the next street and drives a Cit GS, but thats about the best I can do for our immediate neighbourhood.

    Ken W

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    In my street there is only one house (out of about 30) with French cars. They have an 405 Mi16, Citroen CX (a very ratty one IMHO) and a C3 is there occasionally.

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    if i go to my uncles place in sydney and mum is there as well we have around 8-9 pugs parked there between the 3 of us

    that includes 203's, 403's, 504's, 405, 206 and the 604 or the 306

    if my other uncle turns up then there would be another pug to add to the total

    between my parents, uncles and myself i have lost count on how many pugs we have all up

    be good to see them all in one spot for a photo op
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    Our next door neighbour has a 2003 Citroen Xsara VTS hatch, Gold in colour. Top car, goes like the preverbial too. The only other French cars apart from our 4 in the street were a visitor across the road Sunday arvo in a white Clio Expression, just boring old commodes/falcons/camrys etal for the rest. Except the house up there<<<<<<<<<<<<(top of street) 3 x Mercs

    Top reaction the other day though when Alan Moore pulled up in the GTA, a visitor at my neighbours was at the end of the driveway looking at this sleek red machine (but they are as common as up here now if the RS&AE is any thing to go by. 4 GTA's in Brissy, and all since the middle of '04. ..)
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