Car storage.
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Thread: Car storage.

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    Icon5 Car storage.

    Anyone know what it costs to store a car for say a year?


    I dont have my piece of land with a 10 car garage yet, although it would already be almost full!

    I have too many cars to keep, and as its also more than likely a problem for other froggies, I wanted to know what others have come up with.

    Shame there is no froggie co-op for car storage space. Now that would be a sight!

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    Default The short answer is...

    "TFM" It's plain rude, what has to be charged. Mainly because everyone wants the passive income to pay off their mortgage. We pay $1650/mo for a small factory space in the Sydney suburbs; car spaces would have to be $40/week. That's over $2000/yr - so the car one chooses to store in Sydney better be worth it - you get cynical fast.

    Look out of town. My mate rents a small warehouse in Wagga and pays something like $65/week. He and some other friends keep a bunch of cars there to root around with. Melbourne is cheaper than Sydney once you get out of the inner suburbs - but it's all comparative to wages I guess.

    For comparison, too: A shipping container on a storage site costs about $250/mo in Sydney but you can buy one for $1500-up and drop it on your own turf. If neighbours gripe to council about an unregoed car, you can also park a registered car trailer in the street with that same unregistered car on it. I was in one place where the local slum landlord got the council rubbish truck to sideswipe cars, writing them off. (At 0430, almost nobody gets out of bed to investigate a crunching noise...) The idea was to drive unwanted tenants out and it generally worked.

    The problem with co-ops is people not agreeing on defined use of the premises. Someone puts on a barbie in the common area and you come in the next Tuesday to find smoky grease hazing your prepped panels... Or it's a "no mess" rule and someone still abuses it. Or you continually find people you don't know, and aren't happy about being there, inside. I'm one of the more left-leaning people I know, and still can't vouch for cooperative space in this context.

    If people could get over that modern urge to fill a perfectly good garage with crud, they could rent it out for $25 a week (are they ever going to use most of what's in there?) and that has to help 'em. After all, they've already proved willing to park their own car outside.

    Cheers, Adam.

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