A costly dilemma
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    Icon6 A costly dilemma

    Just lifted this from a UK board.

    Anybody here ever heard of this out here?

    ""The mileometer on a 4 yr old Peugeot 406 leapt to 386000 miles after an electrical fault.Owner Philip would have to travel around the world 15 times to cover that distance.He has only done 12000,but could face a bill of 900 to fix it.However,that would reset the mileage to zero.Philip said "i`d never sell my car with 386k miles.But no one will belive i haven`t tampered with it if 12k miles disappear".A local car dealer said "only Peugeot can calibrate the mileage".

    900!!!.He could always have a look in the back of Exchange & Mart under "mileage adjustment".Would be a lot cheaper!"

    Alan S

    If it ain't broke, use a 12" shifter.....that usually does the trick!!

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    Do you think it's a 'beat-up'?

    At least he can keep the newspaper report and hope any buyers will believe that rather than the odometer.

    Mind you, at 12,000 miles in a 4yo car, you'd wonder why he doesn't catch cabs!

    Ask 'rambo...

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    Sounds pretty legit to me. 386000 miles is 617600 kms. At an average speed of 100kms per hour that would take 6176 hours or 257 days, 8 hours to travel... What do you think the chances of someone being able to drive an average speed of 100 in the UK? And how likely is it that someone is going to spend that much time in the car. Anyway, you would probably be able to verify his claims by looking at service records & checking the conditions of various components in the car (ie shock absorbers & engine parts).

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