Yokohama C-Drive?
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    Icon5 Yokohama C-Drive?

    Hi all,

    Has anyone tried the C-Drive tyre yet ?

    I have found next to no info on the net & not many references to them on AF. (I notice Kermit is currently running them).

    I have Yoko A539ís at the moment & have been more than happy with them (swearing never to use anything else & then find out that there are no more available )!!
    I have almost decided to take the chance & see what the new C-Drive is like.


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    We have talked about the c.drives are few times. Try a search for Yokohama and drive and that should pick them up.

    Generally they're getting better comments than the A539 ever did. Since you're happy with the A539, then you'd continue your happiness with the c.drives.

    This thread might be of assistance: Any experience out there with new Yokohama C Drive?
    - Lincoln

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