Renault's Calder Park F1 Day - pictures
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    Default Renault's Calder Park F1 Day - pictures

    G'day Guys,

    As some of you may know, Renault Australia had an exclusive corporate day down at Calder Park today in which Giancarlo Fisichella attended and took a Megane 225 for some hot laps with some lucky Megane 225 owners (and tag alongs ).

    I went for a spin in the Megane 225 which was like the silent assasin. Unfortunately, by the time I was in it the front conti's were completely trashed (particuarly the LH front which had chunks of the tread block that were destroyed...

    This made the car feel very squirmy at the front.

    BTW - The Clio was only lapping about 1 second a lap slower even though it was 20kph down on top speed at the end of the straight...

    I have posted some pics on the RCCV website.

    Just go to and go to the gallery page. Should have uploaded by the time you read this post



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    Those pics are great how did the 12 stack up against the clio sport?

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