Fuel Additives ?
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    Default Fuel Additives ?

    OK if you HAD to run your car on regular unleaded for a a tank or two, when it's designed for and says "Premium Unleaded Only" ... which additive (or none) would you use ?

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    No need for any additive, just drive it a mite less aggressive, or even conservatively.

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    Ps. give it a bit of aggression on next PULP fill.

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    Guy, I bought some octane booster from Revolution Racegear store before I did my Great ocean rd drive a few months back. I can't remember the brand name, but rev' racegear only sells the one brand (they did in the Adelaide store anyway) in different strengths. It wasn't cheap but the 1 bottle ($30) would be good for 300 litres if all you wanted to do was raise the octane number by 4 points (91 to 95). The guy at the store said that's what they sell to track racers because it wouldn't do anything else to the engine and purely raises octane number of the fuel.

    The guy at the store did mention to me that in the future if I needed a octane booster and was nowhere near a rev' racegear store then to use Wynn's Race formula octane booster. He said it wasn't anywhere near as good because it had other additives in it for valve seat protection this and that, but was ok as a temp' measure. I think he said it raised the octane by 5 points. The numbers I quoted may be a bit off cos memory's fading in old age, but should be close enough.

    As for driving sedately, I was on the GOR, and that kind of beats the purpose!
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