is it possible to revive a dying jack?
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    Default is it possible to revive a dying jack?

    I think my hydraulic jack is on it's last legs. It now only lifts to less half the height it used to when it was new before it goes limp and starts pumping air.
    I released pressure cap and pumped it several times, but that didn't seem to help at all.

    Is there somewhere I can take it to get it 'serviced'? Or do I have to chuck it and get a new one?
    The 405's scissor jack is a bloody nuisance to use...

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    Jez 405, it sure is serviceable, see Hydraulic Jacks in your yellow pages.

    cheers edge

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    Default Jack Service

    Usually a jack will do that because it is low on oil - is there oil leaking from it or has it been left on it's side and some of the oil drained out?

    Most have a filler plug of some sort - you can add some hydraulic oil and try it - if it goes higher it was low on oil - if not then the seals may be leaking.

    Don't use engine oil - it will damage the seals probably.


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    check the oil level in it first

    many hyd jacks are left with the pressure release valve open and they then leak oil out and then in time they won't pump all the way up like the used to

    they are pretty easy to put seals in yourself if you wanted to so long as the chrome is in good condition on the rod and doesn't need rechroming or renewing

    if it does then buy a new jack as it will no doubt be cheeper
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