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    Default RE-introductions....

    I m wondering, might be a good idea to have a little sticky where current members (and new ones ofcourse) could post more about themselves than what they might be available for viewing through their profile.....One could edit later and add more details as comfort levels rise......It could help with new members (and current, just look at me) in not making possibly wrong assumptions about other people or perhaps even their would be up to each member to dictate the tone of their introduction so in no way would it need to be "form-like"......


    What do you guys/gals think.......


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    Ok.... On my dadís side of the family my grand father was an engineer building bridges throughout Europe pre Second World War, during the Second World War he became a general in the Greek army, controlling a battalion of soldiers. Post Second World War my dadís side of the family immigrated to Australia in the 1950's from Greece. My mothers side of the family is Australian, as far back as I know of.

    I was born in Australia, but still have high regards for my background and culture on my dadís side of the family, whilst trying to also fit into the Australian way of life.

    My main interests are martial arts ( green belt in ZDK, but need to get back to training ), computers and electronic stuff ( interest / work when I can get it... just built a new 64 bit computer ), and then cars, I spend to much money on the second....

    Iíve always had an interest in French cars and as far back as I remember and baring 1 car owned by my dad and 2 by mum we've always driven French cars ( 1x DS Pallas, 1x203, 1x403, 1x404, at least 10x 504's, 2x505's, 1x205 and a 306 ).

    Iíve personally owned two French cars, being a 504 TI which was probably my favorite car Iíve had experience with (The KF injection works like a dream and I cant understand people who complain about it). I own a 205 Automatic but Iím thinking of maybe saving some $$$'s and buying a 505 GTI/exec ( or maybe an SRDT but that would need a few go fast bits, like a nice sized front mount intercooler, more boost, posibly a larger turbo from a jap wreacker, shaust upgrade, stiffer springs etc.. ). I have a thing for old pugs, and a few old cits ( I would own a DS but it would be to high maintenance). They are IMHO, more reliable and easier to work with, but thatís just my opinion

    At the moment, for work I do tech work, computer building etc... working for myself and night filling at night, to save some money to put towards a holiday / car, which will depend on which one comes first

    Well thatís meÖ I might add some more details later on, if I can think of any

    oh yeah i forgot something... as for some intresting / famous relatives on my mothers side of the family, Sister Elizabeth Kenny ( first treatment for polio suferers ) is one of my relatives. ( i should have added that up the top)
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    Well i'm game plus i have had a few, and i don't think that i will be sleeping anytime soon.

    I have no famous relatives greek or otherwise, i have an italian/european background.

    I have just finished a BA(Political Science) after deciding that I.T mainly java was not for me. This year will see me hopefully in the public service, trying for a job in public policy or similar field. Currently I work for the Dick himself, flogging off electrical components and the like to unsuspecting folk who still don't seem to understand the concept of Ipods and fast blow fuses.

    A background in eletronics repair mainly the portable ones which i used to fix for a quid and home theatre helps in my job. Computers have been a job and hobby and wireless networking is a constant bane of my existance as i feel that it is still in its infancy and far to prone for my liking to failure.

    My folks got my present pug 504 in 1988. Back then it had a uniform colour and there was carpet on the floor. This car has been my only car so my attachment to the car may be based more in imotion than reality/practicality.

    All my mates know about my pug because its all i crap on about, they are all sick of me talking about it but i have also force feed them a certain amunt of respect re peugeots.

    Set back on stage Mike Monro this has been my life

    2005 407 ST Exec
    1975 504 GL

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