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    Default Oran Park Today

    Oran Park day!

    Today i did stage 3 of the Luff course... basically a full day doing laps @ Oran park!

    At the start i was SOOO incredibly nervous! what if i came off, hit another car etc etc...
    i was sooo worried about my little baby!
    Once out there it was all so incredibly excellent!
    The track is truely an awesome place to drive & do what we do on the weekends, you know
    whats ahead, you know the condition of the track (grip & surface etc), everyone's going
    the same direction... its SOOOO safe its not funny!
    I'd be shaking in my boots next time it rains compared to being on the track!

    So anywho, spent most of the time reeling in a GTR Skyline (kid driving), MX-5, BMW 318,
    & struggling to keep up with a WRX STI & heavily worked 308 Common-whore.

    Luffy asked what i drove, after saying the word "Renault" he quickly said, "oh the Renault
    Megane out there", no its a RenaultSport Clio, ahhh yeah the Renault Clio..., NO its a
    RenaultSPORT Clio... it was clear i was throwing the gauntlet to all at the day
    and the lil RS lived up to its challenge!!! EVERYONE noted how quick "that bloody little
    thing" was... John Boston drove it a bit & said how much he loved em & its an un-beatable package!

    The MX-5... HEAVILY worked, coil overs all round, turbo! about 12k of work done on it!
    he left me down the straights, but it took 1 corner & i was 3 inches off his butt, i was 2
    seconds a lap quicker

    GT-R... driven by a young kid... he was taking it easy, but hey, still worth a mention!

    BMW 318... chuckle! HOWEVER it was driven by a kid that got 3rd in formula ford & will head
    to europe next year (possibly Formula Renault), so he was pretty quick & i had to work

    Daewoo Lanos... HIRE CAR! Guy entered "chance of a lifetime", so decided to rent the same car
    he'd be driving & get some pracs in... it was slow as, but he was REALLY driving it incredibly
    well... what was notable was the CHUNKS of tyre missing from where it had melted & just shredded!


    RX7 - 12A... Running R-Compounds, cross drilled brakes, caught me in the twistes quite a bit,
    but the lil Sport had the poke down the straight! & held its own in braking

    WRX STI... Straight line it was all over, but lots of fun through the corners, Boston put 3 car
    lenghts on it (in the RSC) in 3 corners!!! I managed to just let it slip SLIGHTLY away through
    the twistes, i was happy

    Commonwhore... 308, crossdrilled, -3.5 camber, r Compounds, lock stock the f*cking lot, i stuggled
    at any stage to do anything but let him pass

    The news crews rocked up before lunch & after (ch 9 then 7), so if you saw the news &
    noticed a lil blue RSC hammering.. you know who it was!

    End result: Oran Park (Stock as a rock off the showroom floor): 56.46
    (MX-5 58, Commo 50's, STI 53's, GTR 53s (other driver))

    And now 2hrs of footage to master on a DVD! SOUNDS SUPERB SO FAR!!!

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    What tyres were you running Nate? Sounds like fun

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    Stock as a rock... just off showroom floor!!!
    so the original SX-GT's that came with it!

    Just looked through the vid footage.. & where does it cut out.. thats right, on the starting grid of the race @ the end of the day!!! ARGH F***

    ahh well, track day anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nate

    ahh well, track day anyone?
    get into Supersprints. They're a lot more fun than track days. I can't remember times exactly, but last time we ran at Oran Park South the 8V 205's were doing 54's, 16V 205's 51's (all on semi-slicks). So 56's on street tyres is very respectable.

    '92 205 Mi16
    '90 Mi16x4

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    *Happy Dance*

    Cheers Peter!

    although seeing John do 1/2 a lap easy & then 1/2 a lap blistering... coming in at 56 also was something!!!
    "watch me pull 3 car lengths on this STI...." 3 corners later no STI in sight!

    The lil frog earned much respect...

    I've been chatting with Parry & i'll start super sprinting

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